Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Get Rid of Black Mold In Attic

Black Mold In Attic
You can run into many problems when trying to remove black mold in attic. This might be one job where you should call a professional Yes I know mold removal cost. However if done wrong you can easily spread it throughout the house and make the problem worse. You can even
cause ceiling damage if you use too much solution or you don't set up the work area properly.

Before you go and start cleaning the black mold in attic you need to know the cause. black mold needs water or a moisture to grow. So, fixing this problem first will help keep the problem from returning after doing black mold removal.

What can cause attic moisture?
  • Roof leak
  • Dryer vent installed wrong
  • Bathroom vent vented into the attic
  • Clogged condensation line from central air system
  • Other central air problems
  • Attic insulation installed improperly
As you can see there are many things that could cause moisture in the attic that can cause black mold in attic. I have not even listed all of the reasons just the most common. It really does not matter what kind of attic mold you have. It could be white mold or black mold in the attic. Whatever it is it can cause a mold health risk and should be removed as soon as possible.

There are many mold removal solutions you can use to remove the black mold in attic. I do not recommend using bleach and water or ammonia. This have strong toxic fumes and can be overwhelming. I recommend using a borax and water or vinegar and water mold cleaning solution.

Before you try and do your mold removal make sure you're wearing the proper safety gear. This include a full mask respirator and coveralls since you will be working overhead.