Friday, April 5, 2013

Water Damage Mold Cleanup and Repair

Water Damage Mold Cleanup

Water damage mold is not only hard to clean up but it can also be very dangerous to your health. Some types of mold can be very toxic and also cause severe allergies. The worst part about mold is that it can spread throughout the house extremely easy. So, if you plan on DIY mold removal make sure you take your time and do the job right when you do your water damage mold cleanup.

Mold needs moisture to survive and once you get it in the walls the insulation inside will hold the moisture for months and months. Cleaning this type of water damage mold yourself might not be the way to go. As I said mold spores travel very easily and doing a job like this might be harder than you think. Now I am not saying that to insult you, its just that everything you need to do the job right might end up costing you more. Plus you will need to know what to ware and how to seal off the affected room so the problem doesn't get worse. However if you are the go getter type and want to try it on your own then here are a few things you will need to do the job.
  • You will need a respirator mask and don't get a cheap one make sure it take out particles down to at least .5 microns so you don't breath in any mold spores.
  • Next you will need protective clothing that is also made to be thrown away after wearing them. This is because you will need to take them off before you leave the mold affected room so you don't tract the mold throughout the house and spread it.
  • This brings me to my next point, because your dealing with mold and water damage you will need to get huge plastic sheets and seal off the room and also make your self a clean changing area so you can change out of the throwaway cloths before you leave the room.
  • You will also need to get a dehumidifier to help dry out the walls and wood or the damage area.
  • Make sure you also seal off all ventilation ducts to that room and do not rum the system until the job is down. This is very important because the central air system will easily spread the mold throughout the house.
Now this is just a few of the things you need to do when dealing with water damage mold. Calling an expert will most likely be the best way to go after all they are trained and have the right equipment to deal with this problem.

Mold and Water Damage can happen more ways than one

I am sure that you already know that you can get mold and water damage from floods and or roof leaks. However did you know that you can get water damage mold from a clogged condensation line on your HVAC system. If the line is plugged the water has no where to go so it starts to leak in the attic and get the insulation set and then you can get possible mold growth. or the water can flow into the ducts and cause mold to grow in the duct work itself and then the mold can spread throughout the house and cause a major problem.

Other ways you can get water damage mold is if your attic insulation is installed wrong. Have you ever noticed that your attic has vents under the eve. This is to allow the attic to ventilation. If those vents are covered with insulation then the attic because very hot and humid and its perfect for mold growth.

You might also want to crawl up in the attic and make sure the bathroom vent fan is not vented into the attic. If it is you might want to have someone come and vent it out the roof. If it is left in the attic every time someone take a hot shower the moisture is dumped into the attic and that can cause mold growth. For example: I seen a house where it was vented into the attic and the insulation was covering the vent tube and that soaked the insulation. That was the cause of their water damage mold problem. The mold was on the bathroom ceiling and in the insulation.

I have also seen the same problem with the drier vented into the attic, so be sure to look for that as well.

Mold Removal Cost, so get the best price. There are many mold inspection contractors that can come out and give you a free quote on your water damage mold problem. Just check with several contractors. After you get a few bids on your water and mold problem. You can check with your local better business bureau and find out if the company has any complains. You don't need any more hassles when dealing with your water damage mold problem because black mold removal cost so make sure the job is done right by a professional.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How to Get Rid of Black Mold In Attic

Black Mold In Attic
You can run into many problems when trying to remove black mold in attic. This might be one job where you should call a professional Yes I know mold removal cost. However if done wrong you can easily spread it throughout the house and make the problem worse. You can even