Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to get Rid of Black Mold in Bathroom

Black Mold in Bathroom

Knowing how to get rid of black mold in bathroom the right way can save you a lot of money. However, if you do it wrong and just try and cover the mold up with paint or tile caulk you will make the problem a lot worse. I have seen many homes where the home owner wiped the black mold in shower area and then tried to cover it up with white caulking. This is not a solution
that works. What happens is the mold will keep growing and the calk will pull away and then you have a nasty black mold and caulking mess that is even harder to clean.

How to get rid of black mold in bathroom tiles or grout?
This is not as hard as you might expect it to be. If the black mold is growing on the tile and you don't have any grout or cracks in the tile or missing caulking. Than you will be able to use Tilex or a home made black mold cleaning solution like vinegar and water, borax and water, or one of the many other mold cleaning solutions. Follow the directions and use the proper safety gear and clean up the black mold.

Now, if you have missing grout then this could be a little harder to deal with. I recommend that you use a borax and water cleaning solution and you will have to remove and loose grout and scrub the black mold and get deep between the open gout lines to clean it all out. Next rinse and let dry, then replace missing grout and let that dry before using shower.

If the Tiles are uneven and feel like they are about to pop off then you could have black mold in the bathroom walls. For this job you might want a professional. Because you will have to remove the tiles and Sheetrock and maybe replace the insulation and then clean black mold on wood studs in the wall. Water damage mold can cause structural damage so make sure this job is done right. This job can get very complicated.

If you have black mold in bathroom around the toilet sink or where the tiles meet the tub in caulking and there is no wall damage. Then you can use a razor and completely remove the caulk and then clean with one of the mold solution let dry and then replace the calking. Do not try and clean the mold off the old caulking and then cover the old caulking because you will make the problem worse!

I do recommend that you wear a face mask or respirator, goggles, gloves even if your cleaning a small area. This will help make sure you don't breath in the black mold and cause black mold health risk. You should always wear protective gear when cleaning mold even if its white mold.